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olives picked green and pickled in brine

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Vertellus is excited about the opportunity to partner with Green Olive to bring this state-of-the-art facility online to support the growth of China's agricultural chemicals industry," says Rich Preziotti, CEO of Vertellus Specialties Inc.
Pan-fried duck breast with pancetta , carrots and leeksLemon sole with green olive tapenade and tomato and spinach fondue
Based on popular Mediterranean recipes, The Italian Riviera dips into the wealth of authentic ingredients from all over Italy, such as deep green olive oil from Umbria with its fruity flavour, dark sweet barrel aged Balsamic vinegar from Modena and the intense sweet tomatoes from Puglia in Tuscany.
The 20-inch round wreath (with a gold metal hangar), woven together with fresh, green olive branches cut from California groves, can be ordered through Dec.
The new Moisture Massage Silky body lotion infuses emollients and conditioners such as green olive and green tea.
They included the Bella di Cerignola, a green olive the size of a walnut that comes from the area around Bari in the province of Puglia in Italy's southeast corner; smaller, purple-brown Gaeta olives, also from Italy; and big, sweet, purple Tailladees olives from France.
Black Olive Paste and Green Olive Paste are made with olives and mixed with olive oil and seasoning.
For the verjus and green olive sauce in a medium saute pan, heat
2-ounce jarred sauces make great dips, spreads, or marinades and are available in basil pesto, green olive, black olive, sundried tomato pesto, roasted eggplant, tuscan eggplant (with sundried tomatoes), and roasted red pepper sauce.
Available in four mouth watering flavours, Sweet Red Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato, Kalamata Olive and Green Olive there's a taste sensation just waiting to burst into any recipe.
s (NYSE:CPB) ripe and green olive businesses with annual sales volume of more than $100 million.
Speedibake's new Italian range of luxury bread products, Grano di Verita is a range of seven traditional products and includes Semolina bread, available in batard or round and made with extra virgin olive oil; Green Olive Bread, which has a distinctive creamy taste with a crusty finish and is made with selected piquant olives; Caraway Rolls, which offer a fusion of traditional Italian recipes, and a hint of North African or Arabic influence; Rich Fruited Bread, which has a generous content of fruit including cherries and raisins and Butter Panini, which is enriched in the traditional way using semolina flour, butter and olive oil.
Speedibake's Green Olive bread has a creamy taste with a crusty finish.
The cooks top it properly with green olive slices, an onion mixture, pepper and tomato, and enhance it with a white-wine-infused fish broth.
50) is made with 60ml Belvedere vodka, 10ml dry vermouth, a Sicilian green olive and the secret ingredient - 5ml green olive brine Gently muddle olives in base of mixing glass and add the remaining ingredients and shake (not stir