green mamba

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This contrasts with reports from our sister institution in Zululand, [5] reflecting the fact that the distribution of the two most notorious neurotoxic snakes, the black and green mambas, is largely in the coastal regions of KZN.
Venoms of the following snakes are used as antigens in the preparation of the polyvalent antivenom: puff adder, gaboon adder, rinkhals, green mamba, Jameson's mamba, black mamba, Cape cobra, forest cobra, snouted cobra and Mozambique spitting cobra.
The key breakthrough in unravelling the mystery of Garrick's death came when a crate containing four snakes was discovered near his car The crate - with a sticker warning of 'venomous reptiles' - held a Forrest Cobra, Black Mamba, Green Mamba and a Twig Snake.
Experts could not establish which of the four snakes - a forest cobra, a green mamba, a black mamba and a twig snake - had bitten him.
Police found the reptiles - a green mamba, black mamba, twig snake and a forest cobra -a short distance away in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The track is called the green mamba (after the deadly snake) because of the swing bowlers can extract when the tide is in - the water table under the pitch fills up.
It contained a 14in twig snake, a 6ft green mamba, a 4ft black mamba and a 5ft forest cobra.
The container, emblazoned with "live venomous reptile", held a 14 inch long twig snake, a 6ft long green mamba, a 4ft long black mamba, and a 5ft long forest cobra, all in separate bags.
GREEN MAMBA Long, slender green mambas hunt, sleep, even lay eggs in the forest trees of eastern Africa.
He told how the team braved green mamba snakes, hippos and cheetahs to get to more than 10,000 villagers who could not be reached by helicopter because of thick foliage.
Dr Eva Hyde, a senior lecturer at the school of biochemistry at Birmingham University, is exploring the structure of molecules found in the venom of green mamba snakes to isolate the parts that break down clots.
Between driver ants, drought, hookworm, hunger, torrential rains, and deadly green mamba snakes, the women experience one hell after another.