green mamba

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green phase of the black mamba

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Venoms of the following snakes are used as antigens in the preparation of the polyvalent antivenom: puff adder, gaboon adder, rinkhals, green mamba, Jameson's mamba, black mamba, Cape cobra, forest cobra, snouted cobra and Mozambique spitting cobra.
The track is called the green mamba (after the deadly snake) because of the swing bowlers can extract when the tide is in - the water table under the pitch fills up.
It contained a 14in twig snake, a 6ft green mamba, a 4ft black mamba and a 5ft forest cobra.
The container, emblazoned with "live venomous reptile", held a 14 inch long twig snake, a 6ft long green mamba, a 4ft long black mamba, and a 5ft long forest cobra, all in separate bags.
GREEN MAMBA Long, slender green mambas hunt, sleep, even lay eggs in the forest trees of eastern Africa.
And, if you dare, come face to fang with some of the world's most venomous snakes -- the agile black mamba, aggressive death adder and colorful green mamba.
He told how the team braved green mamba snakes, hippos and cheetahs to get to more than 10,000 villagers who could not be reached by helicopter because of thick foliage.
Dr Eva Hyde, a senior lecturer at the school of biochemistry at Birmingham University, is exploring the structure of molecules found in the venom of green mamba snakes to isolate the parts that break down clots.
Before long they are off on an exciting and dangerous search for the elusive green mamba.
The Green Mamba R1 is a super compact, machined aircraft-aluminum model with tough, green anodized finish, and single stainless steel jaw and an adjustable trigger.
A medical examiner's post-mortem report said the cause of Wales' death was a snakebite, but it was not possible to tell which of four snakes - a forest cobra, a green mamba, a black mamba and a twig snake - bit Wales.