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a common Eurasian lizard about a foot long

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But not all creatures fared as well as the green lizards.
With only green lizards and red rectangles to juggle with, Anthony has managed to portray such a clever series of ideas.
Therefore, the main aim of this study was to find out whether green lizards can participate in the maintenance cycles of B.
One hundred forty-six (84 male, 52 female, and 10 subadult) of 165 (89 male, 61 female, and 15 subadult) captured green lizards were infested by ticks during the study period.
Of 102 skin biopsy specimens collected from green lizards, 19 (18.
Smaragd" means emerald, and refers to the green lizards which frequent the warmest parts of the steep Wachau terraces: in wine terms it denotes a minimum natural alcohol level of 12.
Ben Lyons has the biggest reptile collection in Ireland - and loves nestling up to his cobras, pythons, chameleons and green lizards.
Green lizards, cane toads and acouchis, cavy-like rodents, hide in the underbrush.
Alterations in concentrations of cellular endogenous metabolites including ketone bodies were reported as a result of starvation by green lizards (Pontes et al.
Concentrations of ketone bodies in the blood of the green lizard Ameiva ameiva (Teiidae) in different physiological situations.
SoBe, whose distinctive logo includes two dueling green lizards, is the fastest growing brand in the rapidly expanding market for non-carbonated alternative beverages.
Special effects will knock your eyes out for the first half hour, then it all gets boring as the big green lizards lumber on and on.
SoBe, with its two dueling green lizards logo, is the fastest growing brand in the non-carbonated alternative beverage market.
But the tiny tots, who are fans of the big green lizards, love it.
It looks stunning, the effects are great, but they can't help giving the big green lizards the Disney touch - Bambi eyes and basic dialogue.