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Synonyms for green light

Synonyms for green light

a signal to proceed

permission to proceed with a project or to take action

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Yes, there was the enormous space of the sea; there were the three green lights upon the steamer; the cloaked figures climbed up on deck.
The vast green light was broken here and there by a round of pure yellow sunlight which fell through some gap in the immense umbrella of green above, and in these yellow spaces crimson and black butterflies were circling and settling.
The green light changed the direction of its course.
The green light disappeared, being replaced by the red, showing that the yacht had gone about again.
And a green light came into his eye, for he was very angry at having to fight at all.
The green lights demonstrate to all who see them healthy families against violence towards women and girls.
What we want is more of those green lights we see daily as some sensible smokers give cigarette smoking a miss in favour of these artificial ciggies with the little green light which glows when these "refined" smokers inhale, in other words "electric" cigarettes, which do not annoy non-smokers.
Summary: Christ the Redeemer and the Sydney Opera House have been illuminated with green lights for St Patrick's Day.
Using red and green lights, Kristina Green of Maricopa spelled out the word "Ditto" and made an arrow pointing toward her neighbour's home.
I think that the problem is councils like Middlesbrough giving too many green lights to corner shops to sell alcohol.
One other possibiility is that there was a fault and both drivers had green lights.
Three green lights means the organisation has met or exceeded the required standard.
The wire mesh will also be fitted on green lights in nearby Lanark and Hamilton.
Where do they keep these green lights, and what do they look like?
In the third quarter, there were 27 green lights and 49 reds, signifying unsatisfactory performance.