green light

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Synonyms for green light

Synonyms for green light

a signal to proceed

permission to proceed with a project or to take action

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The vast green light was broken here and there by a round of pure yellow sunlight which fell through some gap in the immense umbrella of green above, and in these yellow spaces crimson and black butterflies were circling and settling.
The green light changed the direction of its course.
The green light disappeared, being replaced by the red, showing that the yacht had gone about again.
Yes, there was the enormous space of the sea; there were the three green lights upon the steamer; the cloaked figures climbed up on deck.
I watched the procession of head-lights gliding high and of green lights gliding low in the night, when suddenly a red gleam flashed at me, vanished, came into view again, and remained.
Cork Airport yesterday announced it will be fully behind the festivities by bathing its terminal in green light for the celebrations.
An Elliot Lake economic development group associated with Retirement Living, NorDev, has received the green light from council to continue its ambitious plans to bring a major Northern Ontario snowmobile race to Elliot Lake and help bring economic vitality to the city's retail sector.
ITV groups Granadaand Carlton Communications received the final green light yesterday for their proposed pounds 4.
Crestron Green Light Series sensors can be placed strategically in each space to maximize the benefits of energy management.
KEMP, Texas, May 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics has announced the release of a rugged and versatile new LED spotlight designed to provide powerful green light output combined with rugged construction and dimming capability.
Funcom's Multi Award-Winning MMO Receives the Green Light from Microsoft -
As it commemorated the grand inauguration of a new Green Light School in Helene, Mozambique, Kia Motors Corporation has expanded its ongoing global CSR program, the 'Green Light Project.
Fresh Green Light is the driving school franchise that's reinventing Driver's Ed.
I REFER to the Flat Rate headlines in the Examiner on the October 30 where the planners have given a green light to a PS3.
Crestron Green Light Lighting Control is one of the fastest growing segments of our business," said Mike Malone, Crestron Senior Director of Lighting Controls.