green gold

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a gold alloy (at least 14 karat gold with silver or silver and cadmium) that has a green appearance

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But the last few years have seen the green gold almost depleted as drought wiped out crops.
Summary: Ali Shibli leads his donkey through the valley, weighed down by green gold -- his olive harvest.
ae and Green Gold came runner's up was sponsored by Western Union and Al Ansari Exchange.
The meeting deliberated on dry and wind fallen trees policy in detail and underlined the need for comprehensive mechanism for conservation and protecting of Green Gold.
Adding that tourism is among the government's top 10 priorities, Dr Khon said 'it is considered as green gold while rice is referred to as white gold' pointing out that the country is expected to attract around eight million international visitors per year by 2020 with around half of these heading for Siem Reap.
NAB had also decided to monitor all sorts of harvesting of timber under Dry Standing and Wind Fallen Trees Policy through its prevention regime to save the green gold of Pakistan.
Green gold mining goes against the grain of the new gold fever that has spread across Colombia as the precious metal snatches record prices on the market - it hit $1,260 per ounce in mid-June.
Purple green gold are the official colours of which annual event?
Patterns such as the epoxy variety are very popular, bloodworm imitations and green gold head buzzers.