green dinosaur

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a living fossil or so-called 'green dinosaur'

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The large purple and green dinosaur was at Scotland's Theme Park, M&D's, near Motherwell and caused a healthy dose of hysteria with his young fans (and their parents).
HOME of the purple and green dinosaur with games pitched perfectly at kindergarten children.
The first example involved a pink and green dinosaur, who when squeezed emitted a soft roar.
Other pet costumes include a witch - complete with pointy black hat - and a green dinosaur with scales down the back.
Rooney ensured that her adorable tot was sun safe as he sported a protective swimwear - dressing up as a green dinosaur and wearing a shark's fun floaty.
My son's face was a picture when Naughty Norman Price joined Fireman Sam on stage and it was wonderful hearing him singing along with the Number 1 tank engine and Barney the big purple and green dinosaur.
Just think - it could be Hamm the pig, Rex the green dinosaur, or a T-shirt with Make My Day Punk that is winging its way through your letter box soon.
Don't be surprised if you see a 25ft green dinosaur strolling around Cardiff Bay this weekend.
IF you've left primary school, you may not be able to put a name to a certain purple and green dinosaur.
The show, starring a six-foot-four purple and green dinosaur, is the one of the most highly rated children's series on public television.