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Mechanical collection and loading of green algae on the beaches and unloading of green algae at the top of the beach and loading in the trucks according to stipulations of the cctp - annual minimum of 30 000 eur ht, annual maximum of 350 000 eur ht.
Comparison has already been made between Chloroidium and other sequenced green algae, revealing the singular nature of the robust and flexible biology utilized by a green alga to successfully inhabit the harsh environment of the UAE's desert coastline and identifying it as a lucrative subject for further study.
Abu Dhabi: Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) in collaboration with other groups have discovered that the unique genomic traits that allow a local green algae to survive in a desert climate may have far-reaching potential for biotechnical applications.
Division of the kingdom of protista consisting of the photosynthetic organism commonly known as green algae.
We have not had any previous reports of blue green algae in the pond at East Cramlington, and as algal blooms are more commonly associated with warm conditions it is particularly unusual to get an outbreak this early in the year.
Dai Walters, from Environment Agency Wales, said: "Our officers have been monitoring the lake very closely since we first identified the presence of blue green algae last month.
Using genetic engineering and sophisticated breeding and selection methods, biochemists, mainly working in the United States, are transforming blue and green algae into tiny factories for oil, ethanol and diesel.
One of these organisms was the ancient ancestor of green algae.
14 September 2009 - The large amounts of green algae found on beaches in Brittany during the summer have been confirmed as dangerous for human health.
To do this, Pan and his colleagues borrowed a gene from green algae.
I'VE heard dogs can get sick from blue green algae by swimming in stagnant water.
These results suggest that endogenously synthesized LPS is present at the surfaces of free-living and commensal green algae and is localized to the chloroplasts of vascular plants.
Green algae do not cause off-flavors, and they play a significant role as a base for aquatic food chains and as oxygenators for pond water.
wollei that occupy many shoreline areas, and in most cases are found with sympatric green algae and high densities of herbivorous snails (Pleurocera annuliferum).
The islands of reeds, measuring more than 2,470 sq ft, will be launched at Engine Pool, one of the Earlswood Lakes near Birmingham, as part of the battle to control blue green algae.