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Synonyms for greediness

an excessive desire for food

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an excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts)

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He knew the injustice and greediness of the older dogs when meat or fish was thrown out to be eaten.
There was only one thing to stop them from perfecting the democracy they started, and that thing was greediness.
They advanced to the attack, not like French soldiers, but as stealthily as Germans, impelled by frank animal greediness.
I shall not be able to keep my greediness for money out of my eyes long, and when you see it there you'll be sorry, and serve you right for not being warned in time.
The greediness and disloyalty of a few lawmakers necessitate revamping in the rules of the elections.
Cubillo tackled this in the context of how a simple thought process can lead to greediness, addiction, and rampant consumerism.
They leave a legacy of greediness, even to their children and grandchildren.
Lee Picton Looks like we will have some riots on our hands soon if greediness persists.
More so is the suggestion of getting the taxpayers to "compensate" investors -- the bank bondholders and the bank shareholders -- for losing their ludicrously high yielding investments, thus rewarding their greediness.
We endure an economic system that is fully controlled by greediness," Abou Faour said, regretting the fact that once the wage hike had been endorsed, some private schools rushed to increase their annual fees.
The best way to avoid brain freeze is to curb our greediness and take our time over food.
Take your and savour details of cream treat The best way to avoid brain freeze is to curb our greediness and take our time over food.
Analyst Mersel Bilalli says in Sloboden pecat that the former leadership at the height of their greediness forgot about the situation of two million people who suffered.
Fortunately, greediness is essential if you're filming MasterChef; William and his fellow critics are served any number of two-course meals back-to-back by anxious contestants.
He believed that imbalances in modern life are mainly due to poverty, selfishness, greediness and lack of conscience.