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Synonyms for greediness

an excessive desire for food

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an excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts)

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I believe that we know what we must do to live in peace and harmony, but we let ourselves distracted simply by our greediness, love of wealth, pride and many numberless things on earth, but once again remember none of these will do us any good, they will be left behind when time comes.
As I see it, this all started because of the greediness of banks which offered home loans on properties that were worth less than the outstanding amount and then had the audacity to sell these bonds to pension funds and other non-suspecting entities.
Place her above your greediness and narrow-mindedness.
ISLAMABAD, April 14, 2010 (Frontier Star): President Pakistan Muslim League-Q Ch Shujaat calling for making new provinces wherever needed said that Nawaz Sharif compromised on Pakhtoonkhawa due to his greediness to become third time premier.
Brian Derbyshire STURRIDGE showed his greediness on multiple occasions and it was good to see him being subbed by Rodgers.
In November, Ayatollah Khamenei appreciated the Iranian team of negotiators for their successful diplomacy in their talks with the world powers in Geneva, and called for the country's officials to continue resistance against the greediness of the western states.
To the eyes of the old priest there was no greediness in Alan's hands.
The lawmaker did not fail to salute the "national Army's continuous mission facing the Zionist enemy's greediness in Lebanese land, water, and natural wealth.
Like the German artist George Grosz, Jepras turns his satirical eye towards what has proven to be a kind of hypocritical patriotism; on the ignorance and even indifference of laymen towards what was happening; on the greediness and corruption of the decades that led to the fall.
Al-Houthi pointed to the immense of greediness that threatens Yemen and its wealth, stressing that the revolution saved Yemen from loss and from the invaders attempt to control it through several pretexts, including the influence of Al-Qaeda.
Although there's question-marks over his defence when he's picked at centre and greediness in hanging on to the ball when team-mates are unmarked, Earls was red-hot in attack in Cardiff.
Only the trough doesn't seem big enough to satisfy their greediness.
In an article published in the Lebanese al-Binaa daily on Monday, Mikdad added the first alliance is bristled with arms, money and greediness but has no political values or ethics, while the other is of independent states which work according to the interests of their people,national values, ethics and interests of its peoples.
Whether you'd describe it as arrogance, confidence, determination, single-mindedness or even greediness or selfishness, when the Belgian gets the ball his natural instinct is usually to drive towards the opposition goal by himself and get a shot in.
Whether you'd describe it as arrogance, confidence, determination or even greediness or selfishness, when the Belgian gets the ball his natural instinct is to drive towards the opposition goal by himself and get a shot in.