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A Slavonian Grebe and Great Northern Diver remained on the Glaslyn Marshes, while Deeside's count of Twite reached 76 at Connah's Quay nature reserve.
First, an Eared Grebe we banded earlier that year on the GSL was recovered in Cedar City after the downing.
The recorded breeding activity of the least grebe is unusual for central Mexico (Howell and Webb, 1995; van Perlo, 2006; H.
In recent years, it has become known for powerboat racing, making an unlikely bedfellow with the grebe.
No-one has ever seen a live holboelli grebe in Britain, so photos of this bird are being studied closely, though it may take analysis of a feather or a dropping to confirm its identity.
The grebe died out being easy prey to carnivorous fish and poachers.
If Fella and Grebe are to survive, they must escape the island on which they live, in fear of the 'outside' and under constant surveillance.
It is home to a wide variety of water birds including a great crested grebe nesting site.
Anja Grebe has crafted a succinct, reliable, and very readable monograph.
Bird watchers in Warwickshire can enjoy the beautiful song of Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds, see the elaborate courtship display of the Great Crested Grebe or be dazzled by the in-flight acrobatics of Starling flocks.
Schramm Coatings GmbH in Offenbach has belonged to the Grebe Group since 1983, serving the Grebe's business areas related to the automotive industry and their suppliers, the coil coating industry and electro insulation varnishes.
According to Uwe Grebe, executive director for GM Powertrain Advanced Engineering, the trick of HCCI is that there needs to be careful adjustment of the fuel-air mixture in relation to temperature.
In a nearby cage, a young Western grebe nicknamed "Whiner" cries for more fish.
55 Grebe Close, Dunston is for sale through Sarah Mains at pounds 139,950, tel: (0191) 488-9999.
Approximately 400,000 Eared Grebe stage on the Great Salt Lake during their migration to Mexico, relying on the lake's population of brine shrimp to gain enough weight for their nonstop flight.