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one of the bony prominences developed near the upper extremity of the femur to which muscles are attached

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The growth areas in the proximal femur are the physeal plate, the growth plate of the greater trochanter, and the femoral neck isthmus.
We determined peak interface pressures and confined them to the tissues surrounding the perisacral area, buttocks, and greater trochanters.
The morphological appearance of hips that have sustained an insult during growth is frequently characterized by a deformed epiphysis, a short femoral neck, and a greater trochanter with a tip that is higher than the center of the femoral head.
The anterior portal is made at the intersection of a transverse line tangential to the tip of the greater trochanter and a longitudinal line made distal to the anterior superior iliac spine.
On six-month follow-up, the fracture of the greater trochanter had healed, and the patient was ambulating unassisted and pain free.
In the resurfacing group, a posterolateral incision extending from 6 cm below the tip of the greater trochanter and extending proximally 4 cm was made.
An Unpaired T-Test was performed to evaluate possible differences in body weight, height, greater trochanter height from ground and age between male and female subjects.
With the subject supine, thigh length was measured as the distance from the greater trochanter to the lateral knee joint line.
Fracture of the greater trochanter during insertion of the nail was seen in one patient, and treated conservatively.
Materials and methods: The CDPR was developed to establish a fixed point on the pelvis that would remain constant throughout the procedure and from which the distance to the greater trochanter could be measured prior to dislocation of the hip.
Mid-thigh circumference was determined mid-way between the greater trochanter and the lateral epicondyle of the femur.
Trends were seen towards increases in BMC at the total body, femoral neck, femoral shaft, greater trochanter and lumbar spine, but the control group also reported such changes.
Using the greater trochanter as a reference, two-thirds of the incision extends superior and one-third inferior to this landmark.
The athlete then descended to the parallel position which was attained when the greater trochanter of the femur reached the same level as the knee.
This becomes a factor when soft tissue becomes incorporated into the repair, such as with tension band wiring of the greater trochanter fractures where the abductor tendon is included with the repair.
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