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large scaup of North America having a greenish iridescence on the head of the male

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Worcester's 2012 count totaled an impressive 89 species, which were dominated by 1,741 Canada geese, 1,533 ring-billed gulls, 1,373 black capped chickadees, 1,162 crows, 1,108 juncos, 996 robins, 881 starlings, 829 mallards, 795 house sparrows, 437 common mergansers, 401 goldfinches, 345 rock pigeons, 324 white-breasted nuthatches, 292 titmice, 274 hooded mergansers, 245 mourning doves, 236 blue jays, 196 cardinals, 196 house finches, 190 downy woodpeckers, 174 bluebirds, 138 greater scaup, 138 song sparrows, 135 redpolls, 118 common goldeneyes, 114 red-breasted nuthatches, and 100 black ducks.
On one hand, you want it to thrive; on the other, you know your work is in vain if no bands are returned, The ultimate irony of my banding endeavors was the season I helped band a greater scaup in July and shot the same bird in November just 10 miles away.
A returning Greater Scaup was also seen with a flock of tufted ducks at Trawsfynydd.
With much open water, waterfowl were plentiful: greater white-fronted goose, 1; pink-footed goose, 1 (new species for the count); snow goose, 1; Canada goose, 2,440; mute swan, 14; wood duck CW (seen during count week but not on count day); gadwall cw; American wigeon, 1; American black duck, 55; mallard, 786; northern pintail, 1; green-winged teal, 9; ring-necked duck, 28; greater scaup, 58; lesser scaup, 12 (new high); white-winged scoter, 1; bufflehead, 10; common goldeneye, 106; Barrow's goldeneye, 1; hooded merganser, 355 (new high); common merganser, 96; American coot, 2; wild turkey, 226 (new high); common loon, 9; horned grebe, 4.
crecca) 3 Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris) P Greater Scaup (A.
the drake greater scaup can be identified by its black head, neck, upper back and breast; The smoothly rounded head has a greenish iridescence.
One example of this phenomenon documented a clutch of 17 larger and nine smaller eggs being jointly incubated by a female Greater Scaup (Aythya marila) and a female Lesser Scaup (A.
Diving ducks--Canvasback, Redhead, Lesser scaup, Greater scaup, Ring-necked duck, Bufflehead, Common goldeneye, Barrow's goldeneye, Ruddy duck
3] True or False: Greater scaup make up about 89 percent of the total scaup population.
The study is focused on determining spring migratory stopover sites, staging times and breeding grounds for lesser and greater scaup that stage on the lower Great Lakes, so it was determined that installing transmitters on drake bluebills would provide relevant information.
Falmouth has had both American and Eurasian wigeon this winter, as well as canvasbacks, redheads, greater scaup, harlequins, and Barrow's goldeneyes.
The surest method to distinguish a greater scaup drake from a lesser scaup drake is by:
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