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Besides loss of habitat, the greater prairie chicken also is threatened by loss of genetic variation because the populations are so isolated across their remaining range with no natural corridors among the groups of birds.
Thus, demographic data available for the desert tortoise and Greater Prairie Chicken are typical of those in which life stage metrics are calculated and applied for species in need of conservation.
Specifically, background insights gained from simulations conducted under Application 1 were used to build and evaluate a hypothetical conservation plan for the Greater Prairie Chicken, a species for which demographic analyses have tangible and urgent application (Soule and Mills 1998, Westemeier et al.
Potential conservation efforts for the Greater Prairie Chicken changed population growth in interesting ways (Fig.
1974) suggests that adult stages of survival are most "important" for persistence of long-lived vertebrates, such as the desert tortoise, and that reproductive and juvenile stages are critical to persistence of short-lived vertebrates such as the Greater Prairie Chicken.
In the case of the Greater Prairie Chicken, results from the Application 2 suggest that identification of only one life stage as "most important," such as was done by Wisdom and Mills (1997), may be overly simplistic.
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