greater prairie chicken

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the most common variety of prairie chicken

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A comparative study of the habitats of the lesser and greater prairie chicken in Oklahoma.
2013) Greater prairie chicken nest success and habitat selection in southeastern Nebraska.
Reproductive importance of dominant male Greater Prairie Chickens.
The full Latin name for the greater prairie chicken is Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus, with the last referring to the pinnae, those tufts of feathers so distinctive when the males boom.
Each type of habitat required by the greater prairie chicken also serves as important habitat for many other species, including grazers such as deer and prairie birds such as the western meadowlark, Henslow's sparrow, upland sandpiper, and horned lark, so if workers here can keep the prairie-chicken happy, they'll be meeting the needs of other species as well.
The greater prairie chicken has persisted in Kansas, largely because of the unbroken Flint Hills, including Fort Riley.
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