greater omentum

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part of the peritoneum attached to the stomach and to the colon and covering the intestines

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Peritoneal sites were broadly divided into pelvic, greater omentum, small bowel mesentery, serosal surfaces of bowel loops and diaphragm.
The duodenum was disconnected, with the residual end cut by using an endoscopic stapler, and the pulled gastric tissues and greater omentum were closed.
These locations included anterior abdominal wall (n = 34), greater omentum (n = 8), posterior stomach wall (n = 18), pancreas (n = 8), kidney (n = 1), spleen (n = 1), small bowel (n = 2), and mesocolon (n = 5).
It is known as the dorsal mesogastrium or greater omentum in the region of the stomach, the dorsal mesoduodenum in the region of the duodenum, and the dorsal mesocolon in the region of the colon.
Internal herniation with fatal outcome: herniation through an unusual aperture between epiploic appendices and greater omentum.
Clinical characteristics of six patients with injuries after unintended ingestion of wire grill-cleaning brush bristles- -Providence, Rhode Island, March 2011-June 2012 Diagnostic Month of onset Age (yrs) Sex method March 2011 50 Male XR August 2011 64 Male XR, CT November 2011 35 Male CT April 2012 31 Male CT May 2012 50 Male CT June 2012 46 Female XR Month of onset Anatomic site Removal procedure March 2011 Oropharynx Laryngoscopy August 2011 Base of tongue Laryngoscopy November 2011 Greater omentum Laparoscopy April 2012 Sigmoid colon Colonoscopy May 2012 Greater omentum Laparotomy June 2012 Oropharynx Laryngoscopy Abbreviations: XR = radiograph; CT = computed tomography.
Stomach and greater omentum were identified and lifted to reveal the omental bursa.
The greater omentum (hereafter omentum) was the mesentery attached to the greater curvature of the stomach and was much larger than the popliteal or sternal depots.
Greater omentum is a primitive part of gastrointestinal system containing a vast network of blood supply and lymphatics, even if deprived of its own blood supply it might survive by attacking arteries in the vicinity.
Laparoscopic epiplopexy of the greater omentum and epiploic appendices in the salvaging of dysfunctional peritoneal dialysis catheters.
Boreal mixed-wood forests may have more catchable prey than sub-boreal coniferous forests; all adult Fishers that we radio-tagged had copious fat deposits in their greater omentum, whereas Fishers in the Williston study rarely had fat deposits (RD Weir, Artemis Wildlife Consultants, unpubl, data).
These include, in descending order of frequency: the serosal surface of the small intestine, greater omentum, parietal peritoneum, surface of the large intestine, mesentery, undersurface of the diaphragm, and the thorax.
A recent case of schistosomal peritonitis with eggs found in the greater omentum and peritoneal cavity has been reported in an Egyptian migrant to Greece.
Overweight and underweight Large intestine and small intestine Greater omentum and lesser omentum
In the terrier, the greater omentum and a part of the right apical lung lobe showed changes similar to those in the lymph nodes.
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