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A small Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Monmouthshire provided a last haven for meadow clary and other grassland species, including cowslip and greater knapweed.
Plants such as Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle, Camomile, Cambridge Milk Parsley, Field Scabious, Field Poppy, Greater Knapweed, Ox Eye Daisy, Ragged Robin, Teasel, along with meadow turf are ideal for attracting insects, with the added benefit of helping to ensure good pollination of flowers.
In his introduction to the book, Trevor recalls the flower-rich pastures of his youth, full of plants like orchids, hay rattle, quaking grass, meadow crane's bill and greater knapweed, and regrets that 90% of those meadows have been lost, mostly because of farm management practices.
The huge thistly purple Greater Knapweed and stunning pink Bloody Cranesbill can sway in the breeze alongside violet Loosestrife and green Sweet Woodruff, yellow Creeping Jenny and blue Meadow Clary.
Good wild flowers include bird's foot trefoil, clover, field scabious, greater knapweed and kidney vetch.
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