systemic circulation

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circulation that supplies blood to all the body except to the lungs

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H1: Newspapers with greater circulation are associated with more complex privacy policies.
This legacy project deserves greater circulation so more people can read it, see how it was done for history's and people's pride sake.
Its refined airfoil shape results in less drag for greater circulation and enhanced employee comfort.
Further, the greater circulation of money coming from humanitarian aid and the presence of Non-Governmental Organisation has caused a great devaluation with dangerous consequences for the majority of the population.
For people who don't follow it that closely, controversial comments are given greater circulation through compilations that are posted online.
There was a greater circulation of RSV from March to May in the midwest and southeast regions, while in the south region, a peak of RSV circulation coincided with a peak of influenza circulation, in June and July (Fig.
Online publishing means greater circulation and more eyes to spot errors.
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