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an uncle of your father or mother


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THE great-uncle of superstars Kylie and Dannii Minogue has died suddenly in hospital.
The creatures stuffed by Great-Uncle Ash got off lightly - they could have been forced to listen to this work.
His great-uncle died in 1946 after being given the Freedom of the Borough.
Prince Edward says that his controversial great-uncle, the Duke of Windsor, was not a Nazi sympathizer and that his 1937 meeting with Adolf Hitler was about persuading the Nazi leader not to wage war.
Although Gauguin was only 54 when he died, his life encompassed the myriad confusions of the 19th century, linking the rigid 18th-century world of his great-uncle, Don Pio de Tristan y Moscosco (the last viceroy of Peru, and in effect the last Spanish ruler in the Americas) to the fractured consciousness of the 20th century.
Ira said he'd been curious about polio, which attacks the spinal cord, because his great-uncle still suffers as a result of having the disease in his 20s.
recalled a great-uncle who was exposed to mustard gas in an attack by the Germans in World War I.
Bonham Carter's great-grandfather Herbert Asquith was England's last Liberal prime minister; her great-uncle Anthony Asquith directed such British films as the 1938 ``Pygmalion'' as well as ``The Browning Version'' and ``The Importance of Being Earnest'' in the early '50s.
On an emotional day visiting the village where his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated, Charles said time had been a healer for him but his grief gave him a deep understanding of the hurt of others.
WEATHER WEA ALL HARRY Loving brother of Ethel, uncle of Kathleen and Sheelagh and great-uncle.
I doubt that Uncle John got to his Christmas card list this year so, as we approach the early fall months, the Mahan families wish all a very healthy, happy holiday and a very special thank you to the editor of The Item, to our great legislators, Paul Daly for your kind words, friends and especially Uncle John T's special friends, his Kirby Post brothers and sisters, Gerald Coppenrath for all his assistance with veterans' affairs and following up with our family with regards to flag markers and burial marker, the Greendale Men's Club, Turini's Diner and all those who helped our family pay tribute to a very special brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, great-great-uncle.
A BOY teamed up with his great-uncle to kidnap his mother's lover, beat him and violate him with a stick, a court heard.
On May 17, 2014, I received word that my great-uncle Guy passed away.
Paul's great-uncle, also called Paul Davies-Cooke, was a 23-year-old pilot.
When Thomas Harding discovered that his great-uncle Hanns Alexander had, in fact, been the British Army war crimes investigator who tracked down the infamous Rudolf Hoss, the Kommandant of Auschwitz, the discovery set in motion an incredible investigation.