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Synonyms for great-hearted

willing to give of oneself and one's possessions

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He said: "This is a tight-knit community of great-hearted people, still struggling with the uncertain future of Corus and ongoing decline in employment.
Now, having become a standing dish here with four successive course wins the great-hearted June 95 son of Kyle Jack can complete the nap hand for the right start in the fifth of the eight preliminaries although there is no lack of other Midland interest in the highly competitive event.
They include General Cao Cao, founder of Wei, portrayed as one of the most cunning and dastardly villains in all of literature; his heroic opponents, the loyal Brothers of the Peach Orchard; the benevolent leader Liu Bei, founder of Shu Han; the huge, great-hearted, fearless Guan Yu, who was deified as Guan Di in the 16th century; and the younger, courageous, impulsive Zhang Fei.
Doubtless Perry Barr trainer Henry Tasker will continue to point the great-hearted dog owned by his mother Olive in this direction with an eye on their major promotion, the Pall Mall, an event in which he was unlucky not to win 12 months ago.