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an aunt of your father or mother


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The boy, identified as Marcelo Pesseghini, reportedly killed his parents, both police officers, as well as his grandmother and great-aunt in the city of Sao Paolo.
The couple had no children, but she has been a devoted aunt to her niece Judith, great aunt to Douglas, 46, and great-aunt to Grace, 17, and Louise, 22, of Preston Grange.
Dearly loved Aunt and Great-Aunt, will be sadly missed by all.
James's great-gran Grace Boyle and his great-aunt, Grace's sister Margaret, found his body less than an hour after the murder.
My great-aunt often referred to the bungalow in which she lived as the 'low-decker' and it still stands at the end of Highgate Lane, Lepton," said Gillian.
An orphan since the age of eleven, Pandora English, has just moved from living with a spinster aunt in the middle of nowhere (Gretchenville, USA) to living with a supposedly elderly but very young-looking great-aunt who conveniently lives in Manhattan.
M i c h a e l a , f r o m Clondalkin, Dublin and her grandmum Julia Ward were staying with great-aunt Ann Joyce on holidays.
Ellie Bland's great-aunt and great-uncle were taking her on her sixth trip to the US state with her five-year-old sister and family friends.
Few people realize I'm not the real great-aunt since she's in Florida playing bridge or line dancing while I eat Jell-O salad and tasteless cake.
With each of my mother's three pregnancies, my great-aunt, the admiral's daughter and biographer, referred to the precious bulge as "the little admiral," only to be disappointed when another daughter emerged.
Teen Odella is haunted by too many family secrets, including a mother's alcoholism, a great-aunt who no longer visits, and a car accident.
Award-winning Ms Hartnett's 80-year-old great-aunt, Ilda Margaritelli, took over the High Street takeaway 58 years ago.
The premise is that the story came to the author via a legacy left to him by a great-aunt Rebecca.
Perhaps family lore has it that great-aunt Betty met her husband this way during the war; perhaps your parents admitted as much when asked how they were introduced; perhaps a neighbour once told you all about how he successfully advertised for a wife.
Some of us have had to endure the long suffering of lung cancer and watch our dear mothers die a painful and long death, but thank god we don't all do what Maureen Messent did to her poor great-aunt.