great white shark

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large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas

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His protruding eyes and antennae-like ears were turning constantly hither and thither, for Thar Ban was yet in the country of the enemy, and, too, there was always the menace of the great white apes, which, John Carter was wont to say, are the only creatures that can arouse in the breasts of these fierce denizens of the dead sea-bottoms even the remotest semblance of fear.
Three long-swords clashed and sparkled in the moonlight, until the great white apes, roused from their slumbers, crept to the lowering windows of the dead city to view the bloody scene beneath them.
Pickwick's short experience of the accommodations of the Great White Horse had led him to expect.
From Dodson & Fogg's it flew off at a tangent, to the very centre of the history of the queer client; and then it came back to the Great White Horse at Ipswich, with sufficient clearness to convince Mr.
The great white horse which had marched slowly down the road, as it had marched in so many processions, flew back, galloping up the road towards them as if it were mad to win a race.
Although great whites have been known to cruise close to shore, experts say they typically stay in deep, open water.
The skipper churned up a furor two years ago when he was spotted dumping chum off Ano Nuevo, an island a mile offshore north of Santa Cruz renowned for its large numbers of great whites.
Witnesses saw surfer Nick Petersen, 18, being ripped apart by two great whites in the area in December.
Fabien was using the 14ft robotic fish to get close to great whites without disturbing their natural behaviour.
And though Southern California is not plagued by great whites, as Northern California waters are, the predators are present during the seal and sea lion pupping seasons from September through December.
And conservationists believe conditions are right for great whites, usually found in warmer waters, in the sea off Scotland.
Deadly Great Whites are among around 90 species of shark that can be found in the Spanish Mediterranean.
The scientists behind the study attribute the resurgence to conservation efforts, such as a federal 1997 act that prevented hunting of great whites, and greater availability of prey.
Rick Hargrave, spokesman for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the agency receives reports of hooking blue sharks and salmon sharks, which look like great whites but are smaller.