great white shark

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large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas

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The largest captured great white shark in Australia was 23.
We seem to be pretty lucky in that we've got great white sharks right around New Zealand, but they must be pretty good at distinguishing people from their normal food, otherwise there'd be people getting eaten every week.
com/watch-rare-footage-shows-great-white-shark-breaching-cape-cod-coast-2578128) Rare Footage Shows Great White Shark Breaching Off Cape Cod Coast
BIG EATER A great white shark eats about 11 tons of food a year.
And after one look at those gnashers, they were in no doubt why he's called the great white shark.
com/watch-great-white-shark-feasts-whale-carcass-cape-cod-coast-2577947) group of private whale watchers witnessed great white sharks feeding on the carcass of a dead whale.
A SEAL pup manages to escape by a whisker from a Great White shark.
Three years ago he saw a 12-foot great white shark about 50 feet from the boat.
OTCBB:GPSN)(FWB:252179), a leading innovator of Wi-Fi wireless and GPS-enabled multimedia communications and management solutions for golf facilities, resorts, sporting events and residential communities, today announced that Greg Norman's Great White Shark Enterprises has committed to financing of $3 million in GPS Industries (GPSI) The announcement was made by Robert Silzer, Sr.
A terrifying footage showing the moment a great white shark going too close to a scientist filming underwater footage of the animal swimming around went viral.
A GREAT white shark was last night feared to be in the English Channel after another man-eater was savaged.
The logo for Shark Reef - which is just behind the tropical-themed hotel's wave pool and not too many steps from the casino - features a great white shark that appears to be opening its chompers for the latest attractive young woman served up by Steven Spielberg.
In Majesco's Jaws, players assume the role of a Great White shark driven to a predacious frenzy by the sonic emanations of underwater oil drilling equipment.
One lucky photographer came face to face with a great white shark and lived to tell the tale.