great white hope

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someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field


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By that time he had already endured numerous death threats, seen his star opponents billed as the Great White Hope, and watched his talented older brother's career get screwed by white coaches.
That's why, as one researcher told Shell, "For one or two months people considered leptin the Great White Hope.
The Lakotas have welcomed John into their world, playfully calling him The Great White Hope.
UK's Defense Research Agency reports interest in ANDF, the architecture neutral distribution format technology, once the Unix industry's great white hope for creating write-once, run- anywhere applications, has risen dramatically since the Linux bandwagon began gathering momentum in the last few months.
His other major credits include "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," "Mexican Hayride," "Ghostbusters," "Raise the Titanic," "The Great White Hope," "Doctor Faustus" and "Island in Sun.
TI West was once horror's great white hope following the excellent shock-satire The Cottage and slasher homage The House of the Devil.
FRANKEL had been racing's great white hope before his only Classic appearance at Newmarket in the Spring of last year.
The bout pitted champion Jack Johnson, an African-American, against former champ Jim Jeffries, called "the great white hope.
After a chastening, "eye-opening" winter the great white hope of North East cricket has been rebuilt and rebooted - and is now ready to show why so much hope has been placed on his broad Cumbrian shoulders.
Maureen Dowd, who combines acerbic wit and deep insight in her columns for The New York Times , in her excitement about Scott Brown, the Republican Party's new Great White Hope, wresting late Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat from Massachusetts, compares him to a double waffle with bacon.
Tyson Fury was the latest up and coming great white hope who had his arm raised at the end of the contest, but the winner in every mind, apart from the referee's, was an accomplished journeyman fighter called John McDer mott.
STILIYAN Petrov arrived at Villa as a Great White Hope and Martin O'Neill believes he is now delivering a heavyweight punch on a regular basis.
India and China were recently hailed as the great white hope for car manufacturers, with fast growing, increasingly wealthy populations seemingly offering a panacea for falling demand in the car-saturated West.
This horse could develop into one who could give Mr Nicholls' great white hope (Kauto Star) a scare up the Cheltenham hill.
So a cliche entered the language as racist America searched for 'The Great White Hope.