great white hope

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someone (or something) expected to achieve great success in a given field


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James Earl Jones was given his honourary Oscar for a body of acting work that ranges from his Academy Awardnominated performance as a boxer in The Great White Hope to voicing the role of the villainous Darth Vader in the Star Wars movies.
So, in a bid to become the great white hope - and one who is at least English, rather than Scottish or Canadian with a convenient passport - he is about to begin tennis lessons, armed with a mini Federer racquet.
The sausage specialist has confirmed listings with Budgens and Ocado for its Great White Hope free-range chicken, supplied by Banham Poultry.
THERE was a time when Wilko Johnson was the great white hope of British rock.
Cooney was considered the great white hope and a lot of racial tension was drummed up before the fight.
His choreography moves across Broadway stages, as in Golden Boy, Sophisticated Ladies, Raisin, and It Ain't Nothing But the Blues; TV specials like Free to Be You and Me; and the silver screen in Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Great White Hope, and The Jazz Singer.
By that time he had already endured numerous death threats, seen his star opponents billed as the Great White Hope, and watched his talented older brother's career get screwed by white coaches.
Jack Johnson's place in history has finally arrived, thanks to the EBONY article, "Jack Johnson And The Great White Hope, Part II" (Feb.
Skip ahead to the 1970s, and you've got James Earl Jones snagging an actor nom for playing heavyweight champ Jack Jefferson in Martin Ritt's 1970 drama "The Great White Hope.
The search for the great white hope is as much a tradition in jazz as it is in boxing.
That's why, as one researcher told Shell, "For one or two months people considered leptin the Great White Hope.
The Lakotas have welcomed John into their world, playfully calling him The Great White Hope.
UK's Defense Research Agency reports interest in ANDF, the architecture neutral distribution format technology, once the Unix industry's great white hope for creating write-once, run- anywhere applications, has risen dramatically since the Linux bandwagon began gathering momentum in the last few months.
Levy; poetry, Of Being Numerous by George Oppen; drama, The Great White Hope by Howard Sackler.
His other major credits include "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," "Mexican Hayride," "Ghostbusters," "Raise the Titanic," "The Great White Hope," "Doctor Faustus" and "Island in Sun.