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the first largest innermost toe

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In contrast, the foot platform presented in this article was designed to measure isometric F/T data from the foot and the great toe in natural start postures.
The mechanism of injury includes anterior thrust of the metatarsal head in a hyperextended joint with a relatively fixed great toe.
The plastic surgeon said: "James will have to learn to rebalance without his left great toe on to the ball of his foot - but he will be able to walk and jog normally.
Punch biopsies of the ulcerated great toe swelling also showed squamous cell carcinoma.
In a study comparing 191 OP termiticide applicators (mean age, 39 years) with 106 unexposed friends (mean age, 38 years) and 83 unexposed workers (mean age, 43 years), no difference was observed between applicators and either comparison group on NPx outcomes or measures of great toe vibrotactile threshold (Steenland et al.
The body regions of the trunk and lower extremity, those are the trunk, hip, knee, ankle, great toe and toes II to V are subjected in section 2.
And since he's not a candidate for a great toe fusion or a first MTP joint replacement (those procedures are reserved for patients with particularly damaging arthritis in the big toe joint), Fair has little choice but to live with the pain from his scar.
Consultant Umraz Khan, who performed the complex surgery, said: "The loss of a great toe is not as disabling as losing a thumb.
Researchers also mapped responses to stimulation of the thumb and great toe.
James will have to learn to re-balance, without his left great toe, on to the ball of the foot, but he will be able to walk and jog normally.
Hyperextension of the great toe was noted, with hypertrophy of metatarsals and phalanges of the great toe and widening of the first web space.
Topics addressed include bony and soft tissue impingement, posterior ankle techniques, treatment of joint instability, ankle fractures, osteochondral lesions of the talar dome, tendoscopy, degenerative arthritis of the ankle, complex fusions, and great toe arthroscopy.
The forefoot is the primary engine of forward motion, and the big toe (also called the great toe or hallux) does most of this work.
Arch supports can be helpful by keeping pressure off the medial great toe.