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large brown skua of the northern Atlantic

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Skua (Great and Arctic): in Shetland colonies, the diet of great skuas is primarily fish, predominantly whitefish (discards), sandeel, and herring.
Although identified as Great Skuas (Bonxies), both these birds did not look quite right and provoked a lot of debate as to their identity.
Great skuas, big enough to launch attacks on gannets, nest on the Northern Isles, including Orkney and Shetland.
Was trying to tell the office about the great skuas I saw flying round Handa Island but Sid Voale-of-stock-control said: "What's great about them?
On Inishark island off the Connemara coast, the presenter risks the wrath of dive-bombing great skuas as they protect their nest.
Hermaness National Nature Reserve, Unst Bird haven is home to the third-largest colony of great skuas and 25,000 pairs of puffins.
Bird life teems in the area and several pairs of great skuas nest along the coastal heathland between Sheigra and Sandwood Bay and on islands.
Another Balearic shearwater and a storm-petrel were off the Llyen's Porth Ysgaden, while four great skuas off Criccieth, an Arctic skua off Bardsey Island and dozens of Manx shearwaters from Penmaenmawr were the seawatching highlights before the tail-end of Hurricane Bill arrived mid-week.
The research carried out by the University of Glasgow and published in Nature magazine found great skuas, one of the North Sea's top predators, classed as the pirates of the sea, are preying on small birds such as guillemots and puffins.
Records stretching back 30 years indicate a tricky problem for marine conservation: When fishing vessels discard less fish-waste material, scavenging seabirds called great skuas attack and kill more neighboring seabirds.
Weekend gales brought Little Auks off Rhos Point, the Little Orme and Point Lynas, Great Skuas in Holyhead Bay, and Little Gulls in Bull Bay and on flooded Glaslyn Marshes.
Even rare Great Skuas - famous for dive-bombing walkers - nest here, while Storm Petrels are found on Mousa.
One suffered an ankle injury when they were dive-bombed by Great Skuas during a walk on the island of Hoy in Orkney.
One suffered an ankle injury when they were "divebombed" by great skuas during an island walk.
Big bruising pomarine and great skuas sailed by while three of the five long tailed skuas we saw came fairly close in, dainty by comparison, but still masters of the air.