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the principal seal of a government, symbolizing authority or sovereignty

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INSIGHTS: Impression from the Great Seal of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, 1194-1240; STATUS SYMBOL: Replica of the 13th century Lady Hawys seal.
He taught about Department of State history at the Foreign Service Institute, represented the Department on interagency groups dealing with major historical questions, appeared on the Discovery Channel to speak about the Great Seal and, most recently, sought new ways to spread the historical word on the role of U.
An Owain Glyndwr Society, formed in 1996, has erected a fine memorial to Glyndwr which stands 14ft tall in at Y Plas, Machynlleth, and bears a representation of his Great Seal, thus symbolising his stature as a statesman.
Try Great Seal State Park for 17 miles of woody hills, steep inclines and ravines.
Exhibit highlights from the Newberry Library include an imprint of Elizabeth's Great Seal, her personal copy of the Rule of Reason Containing the Art of Logic, and Shakespeare's First Folio.
The fierce eagle, the liberty cap, the flag, and the Great Seal are found in abundance on early nineteenth century textiles and symbolize the pride of a new nation.
A design by Thomson is also believed to have inspired the Great Seal of the United States.
Woodmere also produces lines such as Flowers of The First Ladies, Heritage of America, Great Seal of The United States, and other patriotic designs.
The Lord Chancellor was keeper of the Great Seal under which the Sovereign's letters were made patent, eg for the appointment of bishops.
Every English monarch had a Great Seal, but the word seal is also used to describe the wax or other sealing medium which takes the impression, and the seal itself can also be called the ``matrix'' or by the earlier name of ``spragis''.
These are the only documents known to exist in private hands that carry the signature of the leaders of all three branches of the Federal Government and bear the Great Seal of the United States as well as the Seals of the Supreme Court, Senate and House of Representatives.
The reverse side of the $5 Gold piece bears the present-day Great Seal -- the first time that it has ever been used on a legal tender U.
In her 56-year career, she looked after the Queen's jewels and was even in charge of the Great Seal of England, helping to deal with parliamentary bills.
The Great Seal of the Realm is used by the Queen to stamp her approval on legislation and important state documents.
The Great Seal of China is stolen by sinister intruders, and its guardian, the father of Chon Wang (Jackie Chan), is killed.