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a state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world

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He did not know of the lengths to which the Dusarians had gone to disrupt the friendship and alliance which existed between the three great powers of the eastern hemisphere--Helium, Ptarth and Kaol.
Fentolin admitted, "I consider myself unusually well posted - in fact, the study of the diplomatic methods of the various great Powers is rather a hobby of mine.
Russia is a great power whether Erdogan likes it or not and this great power is now creating a new political situation in a region where Turkey has very few friends, the Lebanese-born analyst noted.
As a result, regional states' perceptions of interests and threats often sharply differ from the priorities of their great power allies.
No great power has fought another since the end of the Second World War.
Contract notice: Delivery of equipment for the project "development of the research potential of the great power laboratory institute of electrical engineering.
There has been no Third World War, and no great power has fought any other for the past 69 years.
Three months later, in July 1878, the Great Powers from the so called "European Concert" revised the San Stefano Treaty in the so called Berlin Congress, an outcome of their conflicting great power interests.
The author's analysis of the case studies addresses the dynamics of middle power initiatives and great power resistance as well as middle power choices of diplomatic strategy.
The orthodoxy still says that every self-respecting great power must have its nuclear weapons on permanent alert, in order to deter a surprise attack by some other nuclear power.
b) Rising powers and dominant powers rarely fight each other, but when they do, rising powers are allied with at least one great power.
And that this auspicious start bestowed great power (despite Soviet records stating he was actually born in Siberia).
Indeed, in the book's introduction, Fettweis attempts to rehabilitate Angell's reputation for prophecy, which suffered a devastating blow when the Great War falsified his claim in The Great Illusion that economic interdependence had rendered great power war obsolete.
But what has made him so sick besides the hypocrisy of the great power and their shameful taking of Greece's side?
Conversely, the Hindu nationalists and realists want India to do whatever it takes to become a leading great power.
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