great mullein

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tall-stalked very woolly mullein with densely packed yellow flowers

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8: Catalpa Season and Privet Season and Pink Spirea Season parallel Firefly Season and Cucumber Beetle Season, Day Lily Season and Coreopsis Season, Purple Coneflower Season and Hollyhock Season, Chicory Season and Trumpet Creeper Season, Nodding Thistle Season and Great Mullein Season, Asiatic Lily Season and Sweet Ripe Black Raspberry Picking Season.
Cow parsnips, yarrow, moth mullein, yellow sweet cover, meadow goat's beard, milkweed, and great mullein line the roads to the Pacific Ocean.
first daisy fleabane, the first great mullein, the first Asiatic lily,
The Late Evening sky of January is the noon sky of June: Orion is looming across the south, promising sweet clover and great mullein in bloom; Leo in the east tells about the yellow blossoms of the coneflowers; Taurus across the west fills the high canopy with dreams of honeysuckle flowers.
5th: In the Appalachians, thimbleberry, blueweed, great Indian plantain, great mullein, milkweed, black-eyed Susan, columbine, red bleeding heart, dock, daisy fleabane, large black medic bush clover, yellow and white sweet clover, cow parsnip, blue-eyed grass, and Hooker's orchis are in bloom.