great granddaughter

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a daughter of your grandson or granddaughter

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Rachel is the eighth great granddaughter of the Loyalists, Lieutenant Hendrick Dachstaeder UE & Elizabeth Meyer [Elsie] [Mayers], seventh great granddaughter of the Loyalists, John Stevens Senior UE & Catharine Gleson, sixth great granddaughter of, the Loyalists, Jacob DeCou Ill UE & Elizabeth BIoome, Lieutenant Frederick Dochstader UE & Elizabeth Stevens, McGregory Van Every UE & Maria Jaycocks [Mary Wilcox], Adam Young UE [Johann Adam Jung] & Catherine Elizabeth Schremling, and fifth great granddaughter of the Loyalists, Gabriel Purdy UE & Elizabeth (nee Wilkinson) Richardson and Henry Young UE [Hendrick Jung] & Phoebe Van Every.
Mrs Haycox said her mother Mrs Ball felt especially proud to have been able to witness the birth of her great, great granddaughter.
Dora is pictured with great granddaughter Lisa Smith and at the back are son and daughters Maureen Bull, Stephen Smith and Janet Chadwick with grandchildren Lynn Carrington, Lesley Swift, Paul Chadwick, Mark Chadwick and Gary Smith.
Over a century later, his spirit reaches out to help his troubled great granddaughter.
Ffion is the granddaughter of Olwen and Ken Thomas, of Llangoed, Anglesey, while Elin is their great granddaughter
They have three daughters, Gail, Judith and Celia, eight grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
Survivors include: daughters, Sondra Ball, and Sharon Lump; grandsons, Roy Gist, Anthony Gist, and Randall Gist; great grandsons, Ronnie Gist, Raymond Gist, and Anthony Gist; great granddaughter, Sondra Gist.
Kathleen Novasad and husband John of Louisiana, and Lori Huey of Texas, 6 step-grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
I ATTENDED the Confetti Wedding Show on January 23 with my daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter.
MY great granddaughter asked me what it was like during the war.
ANGELA AIREY, Great great granddaughter of Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge and great granddaughter of J J Fenwick, Benton, Newcastle
They are being returned to the council from the estate of Mr and Mrs Thompson's great granddaughter, Jean Newey, who recently passed away.
Sent in by nain and taid Bryn Madog Practising her winking is Bethany, who is the great granddaughter of Mrs B Mowll of Penisarwaen, near Caernarfon
He also leaves his wonderful and loving grand daughters, Lisa, Amy and Julie Volpigno, and great granddaughter Giana Volpigno.
Goodbye Poppy, love granddaughters Steph, Laura, Rosie, Daisy and Great Granddaughter Layla.