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large Old World grebe with black ear tufts

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Eleven avian influenza viruses (H5N1) were isolated from 3 species of wild birds: 4 from great crested grebes, 5 from great black-headed gulls, and 2 from brown-headed gulls.
One of the great crested grebes who nest around the lake Tony Jacklin tees off to officially open The NEC's new driving range
TONIGHT Colin is on a mission to track down of one of Ireland's most magnificent birds - the Great Crested Grebe.
British naturalist Edmund Selous concluded from hours of observing wild birds that some animals must choose their mates, as did Julian Huxley from his early work on the courtship behavior of Great Crested Grebes (Podiceps cristatus) (although he later rejected that view).
CARL SPURLING emailed after watching yellow, grey and pied wagtails in the Weaver Valley, Dutton, with reed warblers, and reed buntings, and great crested grebes nesting at Dutton Locks, with many buzzards in the area.
Plus the TV crews have been sourcing wildlife stories from around the country, such as why mosquitoes prefer biting some people than others, the courtship rituals of great crested grebes and action from a nest of owls who were filmed for three months.
And TV crews have been sourcing the best wildlife action around the country, including the courtship rituals of great crested grebes, and a nest of owls filmed over three months.
Lakes and reservoirs host one of the greatest courtship displays - the dance of the great crested grebes.
GREAT Crested Grebes are smartening up their act as the breeding season approaches.
While the Highfield Road end of the lake is suitable for fishing, part way towards Scribers Lane it turns into a nesting site for birds including ducks, geese, swans, great crested grebes and coots.
LOVE is certainly in the air for these two Great Crested Grebes captured by Honley reader Margaret Smith.
Released by Blagdon-based Northern Heritage, Untamed North also includes Kip's film of nesting dippers in the River Allen, nesting curlew and lapwing on the moors, fishing herons, great crested grebes, owls, buzzards, otters, foxes, deer, adders, red kites, salmon swimming upstream to spawn, the birds of the Farne Islands, and the Lake District ospreys.
Jim saw great crested grebes in head shaking display on Eccleston Mere.
Resident birds such as great crested grebes, tufted duck, coot, shelduck and lapwings will be at home in the pools, reedbeds, meadows and woodlands at Middleton Lakes.