great crested grebe

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large Old World grebe with black ear tufts

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Great crested grebe pictured at Kilingworth by Samuel Hood <B
SPECTACLE: Amazing dances of the great crested grebe TOGETHER: Parents and chicks
TONIGHT Colin is on a mission to track down of one of Ireland's most magnificent birds - the Great Crested Grebe.
Birds are building nests, and I saw a great crested grebe sitting when I walked around Edgbaston Reservoir.
Phylogenetic analysis of HA sequences and an additional HA gene sequence from the 2009 Qinghai Lake subtype H5N1 virus isolate from a great crested grebe (from the National Avian Influenza Virus Reference Laboratory, Harbin, China) (GenBank accession no.
Among the popular varieties of migratory birds visiting the Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary are the Ruddy shellduck, Great crested grebe, Gadwal, Coot, Tufted pochard, Pintail, Common pochard, Red crested pochard, Gargeny, Bar headed gees and Mallard.
Cardiff Bay also has some great bird watching opportunities with the great crested grebe resident in the wetlands reserve by St David's Hotel.
The permission is also dependent on there being no "detrimental effect through disturbance to birds" particularly Great Crested Grebe and Cormorants, as well as safety measures for spectators.
JIM BRADY saw a coot repelling a great crested grebe investigating a potential nesting site at Orrell Water Park, and found no fewer than 425 coltsfoot blooming on waste ground at Rainhill.
A protective area of two miles has been declared around the area where the bird - a great crested grebe - was found.
We watched transfixed as a great crested grebe homed in like a missile to snatch minnows in the clear water right at our feet.
Bird watchers in Warwickshire can enjoy the beautiful song of Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds, see the elaborate courtship display of the Great Crested Grebe or be dazzled by the in-flight acrobatics of Starling flocks.
I think DIY dad is now like the great crested grebe.
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