great blue heron

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large American heron having bluish-grey plumage

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We know of no previous reports of Great Blue Herons capturing, killing, and attempting to consume Eared Grebes, or any other bird species of that size; however, McCanch (2003) reported a Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) that had choked to death while attempting to ingest a Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis).
In a murky pond in Concord , atop the looming dead trees, live the great blue herons.
The specimen lacks any rusty brown on the leg feathers or on the underwing or neck in contrast to a Great Blue Heron.
The great blue heron stays clean using its powder downs, feathers that constantly turn to a fine powder at the ends.
CUTLINE: WATER WINGS - An adult great blue heron flies low over the Quaboag River near Route 148 in Brookfield.
Brutocao's whimsical world includes Rocky the Otter, a mischievous river otter who does not always listen to his mother, Corky the Cormorant, a quirky character with good intentions, with the odd habit of repeating everything he says, Beulah the Basking Shark, Sam the Seagull, Eileen the Egret, and The Great Blue Heron, a wise old fatherly type.
Reddish egrets and an unusual white form of the great blue heron ply the mudflats, while yellow-crowned night herons hug the shoreline searching for crabs.
On a recent visit there were more than two-dozen bird species, including cinnamon teals, avocets, ruddy ducks in breeding plumage, black-necked stilts, a great blue heron, great and snowy egrets and lots of white-faced ibis.
As my girls sped ahead in their long, fast canoe, we were delighted to see numerous bald eagle, great blue heron, osprey, green heron, river otter and beaver.
The presence of fish-dependent waders was reflective of our open water, too: great blue heron, 12.
Their small acreage along the Columbia River Slough fosters more than one hundred species of birds, including Bald Eagles and Great Blue Heron, twelve native species of fish, western pond turtles, beaver, muskrat, river otter, and black-tailed deer.
At TSB, the avian species most consistently seen during the runs of California Grunion was Black-crowned Night Heron, followed by Great Blue Heron, although in much smaller numbers than at MLSB (Fig.
As well, Great Blue Heron Provincial Park was designated in the summer of 2013 the first new provincial park to open in nearly 20 years.
And at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, planes have suffered substantial damage in collisions with a long-tailed duck, an American kestrel, a snow goose and a great blue heron.
Think of a great blue heron with a 40-foot wingspan, and you'll get an idea of what Quetzalcoatlus northropi was like 65 million years ago, says evolutionary biologist Kevin Padian of the University of California, Berkeley.