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com)-- Arcus Foundation and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) are pleased to announce this year's Great Apes Giving Day, a global day of giving in support of 34 qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers that provide rehabilitation and long-term care for great apes and gibbons throughout Africa, Asia, and North America.
As he now sees our history, at some stage, perhaps some millions of years after the hominins diverged from the great ape stock, ecological change drove a transition from foragers as technically ingenious, social, but competitive individuals to collaborative foragers, and the challenges and opportunities of collaboration drove hominin minds and social lives further and further away from great ape norms.
Biosecurity for staff in the great ape area included wearing gloves, dedicated footwear and clothing, handwashing, and use of footbaths when entering and exiting the facility and during movement between troops.
Bonobos are probably the least understood great ape in Africa, so this paper is pivotal in increasing our knowledge and understanding of this beautiful and charismatic animal.
Silver, who had taken the Great Ape into captivity, had left when the sun was angling through the front windows.
The Great Ape Conservation Act, enacted in 2000, authorized the spending of $5 million annually over five years to help protect apes in the wild.
MELBOURNE: Two new movies released this month - one a science-fiction blockbuster, the other a revealing documentary - raise the issue of our relations with our closest non-human relatives, the great apes.
Dr Kimberley Hockings, a behavioural ecologist from Stirling University, wrote the guide for use in Africa and Asia, where people are increasingly coming in to contact with great apes.
Serge Wich, a scientist at the Great Ape Trust in the US state of Iowa, and 15 colleagues found the orangutan population on Indonesia's Sumatra island had dropped nearly 14 per cent since 2004 to 6,600.
In November, conservation groups and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) established a new reserve to protect the bonobo, a great ape found only in the DRC's vast tropical forests.
Des Moines, Iowa (the Great Ape Trust of Iowa) Bonus question: Africa: bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas; Asia: orangutans
The Associated Press photo shows representatives of the Great Ape Trust holding two trumpeter swans, and the caption ended with this baffling statement: "A group of apes called bonobos will name the swans, whose offspring will be released in the wild.
That's because the illegal wildlife trade is just one of several factors that are threatening Asia's only species of great ape.
This is the first time that a recent and alarming decline of a great ape population, brought about by [people], has been demonstrated, dated, and quantified using genetic information," says geneticist Benoit Goossens of Cardiff University in Wales.
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