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a small restaurant specializing in short-order fried foods

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ICONIC greasy spoon Mr Egg has had its chips as a late-night cafe following a fracas which left 13 people injured after being sprayed in the face with concentrated vinegar.
We also love greasy spoon cafes, but didn't fancy writing a song about them so we just called ourselves that
TRUCKSTOP greasy spoons are the latest target of EU bureaucrats under new driving training plans that could swamp the haulage industry in a sea of red tape.
Romantic, that is, if fast food and greasy spoons make your heart sing: a third of respondents plan to spend less than $10, and over half plan on less than $30.
Mr Egg has twice been named among the Greatest Greasy Spoons in Britain, first in a national survey in 2003, and then the following year in a poll by Morgan Stanley credit card.
Prime Ministers have changed in that time, the Diana Inquest has rumbled on, we've had floods, the first run on a bank in aeons, war and every other kind of mayhem, but I can think of no other subject which has so obsessed conversation in Britain, from stately home dinner tables to greasy spoons, or generated more lurid headlines.
Now, I agree that many cafes in markets tend to be dreadful greasy spoons.