greasy spoon

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a small restaurant specializing in short-order fried foods

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Oki Dokies, on the other hand, probably doesn't want to be seen as a greasy spoon.
Monday's episode will see the first contestants to be voted for by the public, Mark and Freddie, go head to head in a Bushtucker Trial called Greasy Spoon.
Film idol Ewan McGregor enjoys a cuppa from a silver mug in a greasy spoon cafe.
The title track finds the Kinkmaster in search of old ideals in a world where the greasy spoon has been supplanted by the internet cafe in faceless shopping malls.
Mr Egg in Birmingham had been crowned Britain's Greatest Greasy Spoon in 2003 and best place for a fry-up in 2004.
A FORMER greasy spoon chef is under investigation for training Midland men to become private bodyguards in Iraq.
Liam, who later rocked and rolled at Madame Jojo's for the Jim Jones Revue, then went to the greasy spoon opposite and stuck up two fingers.
After training many players went to a greasy spoon cafe just up the road and we would walk with them, our heroes.
A MAN is having breakfast at a greasy spoon cafe when three bikers walk in.
If not, Pitino and his fashionable following will send you back to the nearest all-night greasy spoon and the underwaxed lane at the bowl-o-rama.
BBC WM's Phil Upton and Mollie Green will be living up to their titles of 'breakfast presenters' when they turn up for work at a greasy spoon tomorrow.
It is an extraordinary, beautifully imagined book that tells a story far greater than that of one family and its greasy spoon caf in Silvertown.
KETCHUP giant Heinz is shaking up its greasy spoon image with a posh version of its famous tomato sauce.
The ceremony cost pounds 85, their amber rings were pounds 40 and they took 40 guests to a greasy spoon for free bacon butties.