greasy spoon

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a small restaurant specializing in short-order fried foods

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In its heyday, Mr Egg was twice named among the Greatest Greasy Spoons in Britain.
com), locals flocked to the shined-up greasy spoon to start their day with fresh berry waffles and mammoth plates of biscuits and gravy.
Monday's episode will see the first contestants to be voted for by the public, Mark and Freddie, go head to head in a Bushtucker Trial called Greasy Spoon.
She gets a job waitressing at the local greasy spoon and meets the mysterious and attractive Finn, a co-worker who makes A1yssa if she's doomed to always fall for the wrong person.
Whether you own a greasy spoon or an upscale dining establishment, it can't hurt.
FALKIRK new boy Jack Compton had to work in a greasy spoon and gardens to make ends meet before sealing his move to the SPL.
In casual clothes and no make-up, Cameron had a great day in the rundown area where neighbouring highlights include a Lidl discount store and several greasy spoon cafes.
Heidi's Family Restaurant is a bit of a greasy spoon, but its kitsch value and hearty menu, including pancakes, fruit crepes, Belgian waffles, and the ever-changing "kitchen sink omelet," make it a must.
While alcohol seemed to cause Ryan to fall apart it had the opposite affect on Moses, who was reported to have told a waitress at a greasy spoon "We're running shit, get us a table
I wouldn't have patronised the greasy spoon where Carl dished up fast food, but by the end he had transformed the menu and it featured mouth-watering gourmet-standard meals I'd gladly have sampled.
Si and Dave, who repeatedly looks like he's got dressed in the dark, also visit a Chinese version of a greasy spoon cafe.
ILOVE the term greasy spoon - it conjures up dozens of memories of classic TV moments.
And a back-street Indian takeaway and a greasy spoon cafe were considered on a par, despite being far cheaper and much less glamorous.
PIZZA, quiche, chick peas, brown rice and kidney beans are the staple fare of any cafe trying to prove it has left the greasy spoon days far behind.