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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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In "The Connected World: Greasing the Wheels of the Internet Economy" report released by The Boston Consulting Group (BGC) early this year, the Philippines ranked 47th among the 65 countries covered by the "BGC e-Friction Index," which assessed 55 indicators across four components-individual, industry, information and infrastructure-that restrained Internet use in a country.
The new report, Greasing the Wheels of the Internet Economy, introduces the BCG e-Friction Index, which measures the constraints on Internet use in 65 countries and ranks them according to four types of e-friction: infrastructure-related frictions that limit basic access; industry and individual frictions that affect the ability of companies and consumers to engage in online transactions; and information frictions that involve availability of, and access to, online content.
A TEAM of Aberdeen oil consultants have been greasing the wheels of their bikes for a gruelling two-day cycle challenge to the Highland capital Inverness.
Yet compared to Carroll's record of just 14 club goals since he went to Anfield for PS35m, greasing the wheels for the Spaniard's move to Chelsea, Torres, with 29 to his credit, has been a sparkling success.
Dastardly characters reemerge to drag them into the new criminal underworld, and old liberation buddies--now in positions of political power--are just as guilty of greasing the wheels as everyone else.
Wilson explained: 'Basically it's about addressing the professional isolation of rural practice and greasing the wheels of the machine so that ultimately rural doctors are happier and can get on with what they're trained to do in an environment that works for them'.