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low hardy much-branched spiny shrub common in alkaline soils of western America

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But with shade cover sparse on the desert floor among the greasewood and yucca plants, Ostrem assured me this was precisely the terrain where javelina preferred to hole-up during the high-noon heat of a typical West Texas day.
Sage Sparrows were observed eating greasewood seeds and many individuals captured for marking had inkweed (Suaeda spp.
The White River Hub pipeline would extend about seven miles from Questar Pipeline's Greasewood, CO facilities to the nearby Enterprise Meeker natural gas processing complex.
Then two more bucks lifted their heads up out of the collage of tall, gray sage, bitterbrush, and greasewood.
Mulies are normally found at lower elevations than Coues whitetail, often well out into mesquite and greasewood flats, though New Mexico offers plenty of mountain habitat too.
A tiny fire of dead greasewood branches warms my hands and perfumes the air with pungent woodsmoke.
The boy did not hunt the next day, but instead searched for the strongest, straightest greasewood plant.
Those faded mountains and silt valleys, the alkaline washes with their sparse growths of greasewood, most of all the overwhelming sense of space in all directions - these are beautiful to some eyes, but not particularly to mine.
The Partnership's producing and non-producing crude oil and natural gas reserves are located in Northern Michigan, the Los Angeles Basin in California, the Wind River and Big Horn Basins in central Wyoming, the Greasewood Field in eastern Wyoming, the Green River and Evanston Basins of southwestern Wyoming, the Sunniland Trend in Florida, and the New Albany Shale in Indiana and Kentucky.
Arizona Game and Fish Department, 555 North Greasewood Road, Tucson, AZ 85745 (JRH)
The $62 million project provides 230,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) of new capacity through installation of an additional 25,300 horsepower of compression at the WIC Greasewood Compressor Station in western Colorado and at a new Midpoint Compressor Station in northwestern Colorado.
Shippers can contract for long-term firm transportation service from the Greasewood and Meeker Hubs located in Rio Blanco County, CO to various pipeline interconnects and Northwest's existing system to access Western markets.
All I have to do is ease out from behind the screen of greasewood for a clear shot.
I doubted if the grouse would survive this encounter but when the eagle cleared the brush at the upper end of the tank dam, the grouse took one look and literally dived off the dam into the dense thicket of greasewood leaving the eagle grabbing at an empty cloud of dust.
Northwest is proposing a new, 34-mile pipeline, the Colorado Hub Lateral, which would allow the Greasewood and Meeker hubs to access Northwest's mainline near Sand Springs, Colo.