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resistant to penetration by grease or oil or wax

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HARTLEYWILPRINT Group of Cardiff has announced a pounds 330,000 investment to launch Lovely Packaging, a company offering a unique natural greaseproof paper that can be branded and cut to size for the catering and cosmetics industries.
After 1' hours, remove the foil and the greaseproof paper and close the door.
Wrap the cold cake in a double layer of greaseproof paper, then foil, until you are ready to eat it.
with Claire Church, Remember Me Tea Rooms Gluten Free Sweet Potato Scones 1 cup cooked mashed white sweet potato 1/3 cup almond milk 1+ 1/2 cups gluten free self-raising flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 6 tablespoons dairy free butter Line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper and pre-heat the oven to 180.
Grease and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
You'll need some greaseproof paper, a mixing bowl, a spoon and some old plastic cream cartons or cups to get started.
Ingredients (makes 2 litre puddings): 270g sultanas 110g currants 140g raisins 140g dried figs 90g dried apricots 60g dark glace cherries 120ml brandy or rum 1 large Bramley apple The juice and zest of 2 small oranges 270g dark muscovado sugar 5 medium-sized free-range eggs, beaten 190g suet 200g fresh white breadcrumbs 135g self-raising flour 2 tsp mixed spice A little butter for greasing Extras: 2 litre-capacity pudding basins A means of steaming the puddings String Greaseproof paper Tinfoil Two 10p or pound coins, washed in boiling water and soaked in a little brandy Method: Clean the pudding basins thoroughly, and smear liberally with butter.
I had pre-rolled them and left them between layers of greaseproof paper, thinking I was being super organised.
Using a bear-shaped cookie cutter, cut the biscuits out and place on a tray lined with greaseproof paper in the centre of the oven for 10-12 mins.
Dust a sheet of greaseproof with icing sugar and turn the roulade out onto it.
This can then be spooned onto greaseproof paper and shaped into a small cylinder.
Grease and line the base and sides of a 20cm (8in) deep round tin with greased greaseproof paper.