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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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It is a greaseless vanishing cream that moisturizes and brings out natural beauty Dermisa Skin Helps lighten and prevent age spots, Fade Cream freckles and skin discoloration; help fades discoloration caused by over exposure to the sun, aging pregnancy, minor scars and birth control pills Products Exemplars Ultra Glow to fade skin discolorations while its Cleansing Bar greaseless moisturizing action and Skin Tone smoothes and softens the skin Cream Clear essence Formulated for people of color.
Emu oil is a good skin cream ingredient because it is odorless, greaseless and penetrates the skin quickly.
The Tefal Greaseless Spoon Cafe is coming to Dublin's South William Street on Tuesday and will serve healthy food for free.
FailZero greaseless weapon upgrades, eliminating the need to oil gun parts, are made to fit AR-15 rifles.
A 60p cone of dry, greaseless chips weighing 320g on my in-car scales then delivers mixed results.
This new greaseless design eliminates the need to periodically lubricate the bearings and the possibility of grease escaping the bearings and contacting product on the surface of the conveyor.
Maintenance and safety advantages of the Daniel Senior Model 2000 Orifice Fitting are realized by a new greaseless isolation valve that provides a bubble-tight seal.
On our plates: wedges of potato tortilla, thick sausage links, whole roasted red peppers, piping hot and greaseless croquetas, patatas bravos with garlicky allioli.
The greaseless formula is absorbed quickly by thirsty skin, leaving only smoothness behind.
Greaseless bushings, dump/load interlock system and efficient low flow/high pressure hydraulic system
It was invented accidentally a year or two before after unattended bags of chocolate paste in a hot room dripped butterfat onto the floor, leaving a greaseless residue that could be ground and easily sweetened.
The fish was abundant--think, tender fillets that were light and virtually greaseless.
com) Gives an instant, greaseless natural-looking shine.
Its Chik Nuggets and Chik Patties cooked up crisp and greaseless and tasted remarkably chicken-like, as did the spicy (and we mean it) MeatFree Buffalo Wings.
Under terms of the agreement, Salton/Maxim will design and market the new George Foreman Fusion Grills, an extension of the line of greaseless electric grills.