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Synonyms for greased

smeared with oil or grease to reduce friction


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If you've already greased the gun with molybdenum disulfide grease, wipe the parts clean and lube them with the aircraft general purpose grease.
I've always been a fan of Grease and now I get to do the actual dance routine for Greased Lightnin'.
Because of varying gland finishes, some o-rings will remain slightly twisted even though they are fully greased.
However, by using greased hybrid bearings, speed increases of 15% to 20% can be achieved, depending upon the arrangement.
Cut dough roll in 3 pieces and place on a greased 12-inch pizza pan.
A power chuck needs to be greased at least once every eight hours of operation.
Tests show both greased and ungreased connectors have similar resistance values, even after repeated insertions.