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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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Not helping Rusty's cause is the guard's van, CB, who would rather sabotage Rusty to pave the way for the future in the form of Electra and Greaseball.
We are quickly introduced to the trains and carriages, the three main trains being Greaseball, last year's race winner Electra, a sparkling new train of the future and, of course, Rusty, an old steam train who doesn't quite believe in himself.
Unlike the greaseball politicians with their phoney smiles and even more phoney promises, Tony has the guts to say he was wrong.
If they didn't give us their scraps, we said--the half-broken chips and fragments of batter that had fallen off fried fish fillets--we'd expose their shop in our 'Food Review' as a dodgy greaseball.
I remember my father commenting in his later years, "Where I came from, if they caught you eating a submarine sandwich or a pizza, you were a greaseball.
Sex Siren Sally is about to start hosting Knicker Parties (since she started seeing Greaseball Greg, she should try hanging on to her own).
the reigning champion, Greaseball, and the engine of the future, Electra.
Joining him on stage is Kristofer Harding as Rusty, Jamie Capewell as Greaseball, Lothair Eaton as Poppa, Amanda Coutts as Pearl and Ruthie Stephens as Dinah.
So far, not counting her one-night wonders, I've given my thumbs down to: her boy racer with a flash car (she loved his car, he loved his wife more); a greaseball 15 years older than her (with a string of pre-divorce flings); an online blind date (so obviously only after sex he didn't have to pay for, I couldn't credit why she saw him as a soulmate).
spics, a guinea and a greaseball, some wops and a couple of Polacks and a Mick.
Greaseball, played by Tom Kanavan, and Dinah, by Warrington's Tanya Robb, stopped shoppers as they skated through the streets around the theatre in full costume.
Each of the Alices is a wonder, Harald Baluch is wildly funny as the greaseball magician, but Emil Galazka steals the show as the hyperactive, acrobatic White Rabbit, sporting a bowler hat with requisite bunny ears, half a pair of tights that leaves one buttock and leg exposed and, of course, a fluffy tail.
Greaseball, the Elvis-like diesel engine (played by Drue Williams), and Electra, the Velvet Underground electric train (Dustin Dubreuil), are the prohibitive favorites, although plucky steam train Rusty (Franklyn Warfield) will give it a whirl, particularly if it means winning back comely observation car Pearl (Clarissa Grace).
It was a busy Saturday morning and the store manager, a greaseball brought in from Pittsburgh, had his salesmen erect a false wall of cardboard boxes so no one could see us carrying racks of suits and boxes of sweaters and shirts to the freight elevator, so we could store them on the second floor, out of sight.
But then, so does the half Sicilian, half Irish Hill, who says of the worst bloodletting, Among the Italians, it was real greaseball shit.