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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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By providing individual legislators with the right to earmark state funds for specific projects, the Governor and legislative leaders help grease the skids for gathering the votes necessary to pass billion-dollar-plus budget bills.
That contract was originally awarded to an American firm, CONOCO, probably because the administration of then-President Rafsanjani was trying to grease the skids for improving relations with the United States.
When you know they could be coming to save your kid's life, you pay attention and grease the skids where you can.
The Big Business agenda is composed entirely of proposals that face strong public opposition--which is why the corporations' prospects for success hinge on the dual strategies of spending huge amounts of money to deceive the public and grease the skids in Congress, and on ramming through legislation in 2005 with the hope that voters will forget by 2006.
To grease the skids, not infrequently, the bills are named after actor Christopher Reeve and former President Reagan.
Redden played the bulk of his career in Ottawa, with current B's defenseman Zdeno Chara, and his relationship with then-Ottawa assistant GM Peter Chiarelli helped grease the skids for the trade that brought him to Boston for a sixth-round draft pick.
A unique retirement plan variation can grease the skids of an exit strategy and leave all parties in a win-win situation: the creative use of a special retirement hybrid known as a cash balance plan.
On the flip side, the lesser operators fail to grease the skids of success.