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the act of grazing


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the act of brushing against while passing

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2012a) and instantaneous herbage intake rates by grazing animals (FONSECA et al.
Despite this author have found that Italian ryegrass should not be grazed at swards heights below 10cm (when the objective of grazing management is to optimize instantaneous herbage intake rate), in our experiment we have decided to include a more severe post grazing height to test the plastic limit response of this plant (4cm).
Herbage samples were collected 1 day before grazing when the swards reached their target pre-grazing heights (15 or 25cm).
The covariance matrix was selected according to the Akaike information criterion (AIC), and the grazing cycles were considered as repeated measures.
The canopy structure determines the easiness with which the grazing animal takes the forage (POMPEU et al.
The provision of supplements for grazing animals can also change ingestive behavior, either stimulating or reducing forage intake, because different types of supplement cause different changes in behavioral habits of herbivores (POMPEU et al.
This study evaluated the ingestive behavior of hoggets under intermittent grazing exclusively on ryegrass pasture or when given different supplements.
The experimental animals, regardless of the type of supplement given, occupied the same area for grazing.
HiPal is a 16-clone synthetic selected for improved palatability by grazing sheep (Ovis ssp.
3] plastic cones and transplanted into spaced-planted pastures for grazing by sheep (Ovis spp.
Two plants per replicate were selected based on vigorous growth scores and greater than 50% of the biomass consumed during all four grazing periods.
HiPal was evaluated for improved palatability in a small plot grazing trial established in 1993 at St.
THE UTILIZATION OF PASTURES by the grazing animal remains a complex biological process that is not well understood.
Recent comprehensive reviews addressing animal grazing behavior are available and will be left to the reader (Coleman et al.
The various ingestive behavioral measurements have seldom been used to estimate long-term DM intake or to explain differences in intake on daily animal responses among grazing management strategies in a production setting.