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the act of grazing


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the act of brushing against while passing

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An Indian grazing ground is all rocks and scrub and tussocks and little ravines, among which the herds scatter and disappear.
It was grazing away from us and had not seen us when one of my men called my attention to it.
It was like listening to an animal grazing pasture-grass at night and ever grazing nearer.
When they had gone along in silence for a long way they stopped at the edge of a field where a flock of sheep were grazing.
The nag was grazing at some distance, not suspecting any harm.
Tanzania grass subjected to combinations of intensity and frequency of grazings.
Previous studies have shown that canopy height might be an important tool for grazing management purposes (HODGSON, 1985, CARNEVALLI et al.
2012a) and instantaneous herbage intake rates by grazing animals (FONSECA et al.
The grazing method was intermittent and the interval between grazings was estimated to correspond to the thermal sum required for the emergence of 1.
The diurnal grazing pattern of herbivores involves decisions such as the timing and the frequency of meals and the distribution of grazing periods (GREGORINI, 2012).
The canopy structure determines the easiness with which the grazing animal takes the forage (POMPEU et al.
1] CP) than Monarch and Lutana at three of the four grazings.
grazing pure stands of cicer milkvetch had reduced intake and gains compared with heifers grazing pure stands of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.
The generally perceived animal-induced bound is from fouling of the pasture and the avoidance of these areas by the animal in subsequent grazings.
THE UTILIZATION OF PASTURES by the grazing animal remains a complex biological process that is not well understood.