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the act of grazing


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the act of brushing against while passing

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The researchers will also undertake observations of the cattle out on the hill to obtain additional information about their behaviour and grazing patterns.
They will monitor the animals' behaviour and grazing patterns, create identification kits for each rhino they encounter, mark areas where they are found and assist a breeding programme.
New formulas have been added that can generate simulations of pasture plant lifecycles, which in turn can be used to estimate the effects that livestock and their different grazing patterns have on soil erosion.
Graziers claim the CCW is also making life difficult by refusing to allow commoners to change grazing patterns in order to access Glastir.
The grazing patterns of the Mbororo herders have also created tensions with local Zande farmers, who feel their land is threatened by the pastoralists' cows.
2003; Chavez and Gese, 2005) are likely more consistently present on year-around grazing allotments relative to seasonal grazing patterns, possibly subsidizing diet of the Luna pack.
Grazing patterns of the periwinkle and their effect on sessile intertidal organistas.
Sechrist closely monitors his pastures and adjusts his grazing patterns for changing climate conditions.
It reveals that grazing patterns have hit scarce plant and insect species and action is needed to halt further decline.
In several areas, the BLM has worked with private landowners to change grazing patterns or rest BLM land in grazing allotments.
The location of a bloom can be determined by factors as fickle as grazing patterns or the site of a cloudburst.
Changes in the vegetative lineup on the range due to weather or grazing patterns.