grazing land

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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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17 million hectares whereas rangelands of KP consist of Alpine and sub-alpine pastures, Trans-Himalayan Grazing lands (Dry temperate zone), Himalayan Forest Grazing lands (Moist temperate zone and sub-tropical humid zone), arid/semi-arid rangelands in sub-tropical dry ecological zone located in the valleys of Peshawar, Mardan and upper Indus plains of D.
There are many brownfield sites in Birmingham which have yet to find a new purpose and these, I feel, would be ideal for any experiment in the provision of new common grazing land for the self-sufficient people of Birmingham.
However, it has become increasingly difficult for them to access their grazing lands and market their products because of Israeli restrictions.
We intend to replace the common land area required for the construction and operation of the wind farm with exchange land of comparable quality, to ensure that no grazing land is lost.
But they could either not be identified or they failed to voluntarily remove the horses to suitable grazing land.
Harvesting bush provides the opportunity to increase the amount of grazing land while producing a resource that can be sold, and also restore the natural habitat for wildlife.
The causes of such disputes range from cattle theft, land dispute or water points and grazing land as well as political influences and revenge attacks on past killings.
Benefits of long-term protection include quality grazing land, protection of rare habitat, and species-at-risk conservation.
The money will help farmers struggling financially following the winter drought and wet summer which has led to a shortage of grazing land, low stocks of fodder and a poor harvest, compounded by the rising cost of feed and fuel.
Currently the site, which is part of an area designated as "green wedge" in the Middlesbrough Local Plan, consists of stables and parking along with grazing land.
SITUATED next to the A55 and with stunning panoramic views across the Menai Straits towards Beaumaris, Puffin Island and also Llandudno, an opportunity has arisen to purchase approximately 18 acres of good quality grazing land and 10 acres of amenity woodland with various outbuildings and redundant buildings with planning potential, in Abergwyngregyn, Gwynedd.
It defines mandatory accounting rules applicable to emissions from forestry activities (afforestation, reforestation, deforestation and forest management) and agricultural activity (management of grazing land and crops, land use change).
Summary: When Abdeljalil Abdelrahim talks about Abyei, a war-scarred region in central Sudan prized by Northern nomads for its grazing land, he has no doubt it belongs to the North.
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This wind project will contain 62 wind turbine generators situated on rural grazing land and will provide enough energy for 25,000 homes when running at full capacity.