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the act of brushing against while passing

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Out of every dollar of the grazing fee I pay to the BLM, 12-and-a-half cents is supposed to go to BLM for administration and 87-and-a-half cents is supposed to go for 'range management' and 'range improvement," Bundy explained to The New American.
Advocates argue that grazing uses federal land productively and that the grazing fee is fair.
In 1958, following a decade of study and debate, the BLM adopted a new grazing fee formula based on the average price of livestock, paralleling the system used since 1933 by the U.
A portion of the grazing fees levied on Federal lands is returned to the counties.
hearings on proposed grazing fee hikes in 1963" to demonstrate that
Nevertheless, the difference between the grazing fees paid by federal permittees and the market value of the forage acquired gives permits a positive value, which is capitalized into the value of base properties that have federal grazing permits attached.
Twenty years later, western governors, spurred on by regional anger over federally imposed grazing fees, demanded title to federal lands.
WASHINGTON, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Ranchers are anxious to move ahead with legislation introduced today that would codify the grazing fee for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acres and reform BLM regulations.
The features most offensive to the industry were a proposed increase in the federal grazing fee from about two dollars per cow per month to about four,(37) term-length reductions of grazing permits for ranchers who violate permit conditions or fail to meet resource condition objectives,(38) disqualification of ranchers who violate regulations or permit conditions,(39) assertion of federal title to newly developed sources of livestock water on BLM lands,(40) and a set of national standards and guidelines for rangeland management and ecological conditions.
It is generally maintained that the levying of a nominal grazing fee in exchange for a contractual right to graze livestock reduced the transaction costs of grazing the public rangeland.
Just to break even on the grazing fee program, the federal government would need at least $35,000 from Elko, according to conservative Forest Service estimates.
It is understood the horses are dumped by owners who will not pay a grazing fee so just leave them wherever they can.
Monthly grazing fees per cow and calf on private rangeland average $11.