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The rationale for changes in the federal grazing fee cannot turn on the issue of ranchers paying market value.
According to a grazing fee study by the Departments of Agriculture and Interior released this spring, public land ranchers have paid less than 25 percent of the costs of the federal grazing program over the past 10 years.
Campana, Student Article, Public Lands Grazing Fee Reform: Welfare Cowboys and Rolex Ranchers Wrangling with the New West, 10 N.
In 1958, following a decade of study and debate, the BLM adopted a new grazing fee formula based on the average price of livestock, paralleling the system used since 1933 by the U.
A portion of the grazing fees levied on Federal lands is returned to the counties.
In fact, Montana has the highest private grazing fee of any western state except California.
1993) that the grazing fee paid for harvesting publicly owned forage is less than the market value of the forage,(3) though Workman (1988) contends the actual cost of the public forage including fee and nonfee costs(4) and the purchase price of the permit equals the market value of the forage.
The big issue among the ranchers nearby, of course, is the grazing fee hike.
Out of every dollar of the grazing fee I pay to the BLM, 12-and-a-half cents is supposed to go to BLM for administration and 87-and-a-half cents is supposed to go for 'range management' and 'range improvement," Bundy explained to The New American.
30) Federal grazing fee revenues (recently increased to
Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Grazing Fee Review and Evaluation, Washington, D.
For example, the federal government returns 50 percent of all grazing fee receipts to the ranching community to pay for purely private benefits such as fences and watering holes.