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Synonyms for grazing

the act of grazing


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the act of brushing against while passing

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An Indian grazing ground is all rocks and scrub and tussocks and little ravines, among which the herds scatter and disappear.
A loud uproar broke forth when it alighted, just without the center and grazing the shaft sent by Rob.
The horses were grazing close to the edge of the forest in which Nobs and I were concealed, while the ground between us and them was dotted with clumps of flowering brush which offered perfect concealment.
It looked for a moment as though my last hope was blasted; but presently their fright, if fright it was, passed, and they resumed grazing again a hundred yards farther on.
The black bull was grazing alone away from the rest, but fierce-eyed hounds followed the cows, four of them, all of one mind, like men.
A sweet odour spread over the lovely hill, and many thin-shanked sheep were grazing on the grass.
Ibrahim Idris, in particular, has been a passionate critic of any legislation that targets open grazing and, by implication, reduction in herdsmen's atrocities across the country.
The effect of grazing on desert plant species from three distinct habitats i.
Hoevens office has been working with local grazing associations, the North Dakota State Agriculture Department and Dakota Prairie Grasslands Supervisor Bill ODonnell to update and finalize the agreement to provide grazers with greater flexibility when using the grasslands.
GLYNLLIFON is the first college in the UK to install a precise grazing system along the lines of that used in New Zealand.
Among the forage plants mostly used for milk production, the Panicum maximum species stand out for their high productivity and good nutritional value, and they have been predominantly used in intermittent grazing systems (Freitas, Fonseca, Braz, Martuscello, & Santos, 2012).
They also modify forage intake patterns, including decreased grazing and rumination time, which strongly affects milk production (FERREIRA et al.
Listening to commercial farmers and ranchers talk about moving 200 cows around an intricate grazing mosaic may be exciting, but is such a thing practical for someone with only 1 or 2 acres?
Dairy producers, however, need guidance on when to allow their cattle to start grazing the fall oats and which oat cultivars to use.
MINISTERS have been urged to promote beef from cattle grazing in the heart of Newcastle to shoppers.