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scraped or touched lightly in passing

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A plump young mare and a fat stallion grazed nearest to him as he neared the herd.
Addressing a press conference in Osogbo, capital of Osun, the state Commissioner for Special duties, Hon Mudasiru Toogun said: 'most of the cattle or cows you see being grazed don't belong to herdsmen, but they belong to IGs, Major Generals, governors and other powerful Nigerians'.
We analyzed each plant species for cover, total plant cover of grazed, un-grazed and mean % reduction in cover (cm) from pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons.
There will be no CRP annual rental payment reductions assessed for acres grazed.
The area was grazed by 24 F1 (Holstein X Zebu) cowsin lactation, multiparous, with an average weight of 525.
In the intensive-shade system, the heifers returned to grazing earlier than in the other systems, in which approximately 80% of the heifers grazed after 14h.
That means the first paddock grazed will have had 99 days to recover.
Dairy producers plant the oats in early to mid-August and either allow them to be grazed through late November or harvested as silage in early November for later use.
Sam Carey of Rhiwlas said: "We measure weekly and use the grass wedge throughout the season to manage allocations and avoid deficits and surpluses, and to make sure covers are grazed at the three-leaf stage.
It has also spoken of the diffi-culties in finding homes for animals due to the high numbers being illegally grazed or abandoned, which is leading to some having to be euthanised.
There's this attitude among some groups that if it can be grazed, it must be grazed, and if someone wants to put sheep or cattle on it, we must allow it," says Andy Kerr, a self-described environmental agitator whose work includes helping conservation groups buy public lands grazing permits from ranchers.
Until August of 2001, the Bear Creek Unit was continuously grazed throughout the growing season under grazing leases.
In upland grazed pastures of the shortgrass steppe, areas removed from grazing after 56 years showed an increase in cool-season grasses and forbs compared to a greater amount of warm-season grasses in grazed areas (LeCain et al.
You can always grow more grass (and hence more beef) with well managed pasture, grazed in a rotation system, than you can when using it as one big field.
Noel's approach is to establish grazing systems that maximises the intake of highly digestible grazed grass throughout the grazing season," said Mari Jones, Farming Connect facilitator.