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FILIPINO visual artist Raul Isidro doesn't see an absence of life from the grayness of boulders.
HOWEVER, the size of the print, and grayness of the ink being used is making reading it a chore.
Essentially, the results indicate that for each standard deviation increase in the measured trait (anxiety and impulsitivity), the odds of being in a higher rating category of muzzle grayness increase 40 to 65 percent," says Thomas Smith, Ph.
The reader can visualize the sad grayness and depressing dust of the Stilts, Mare's village, and readily understand her desire to escape a dismal future.
Those three MPs from the Diaspora cost the country dearly only to become part or to melt in the grayness of the domestic political games.
Morrison incorporates nitrate deterioration into his work's very structure, so that the washed-out, shimmery grayness of the floodlands seems to penetrate the film stock itself.
Low magnification in a telescope shows just a tiny disk of soft grayness amid the faint, pinpoint stars here.
Thirty years of Baathist grayness bequeathed a mourning period of comparable grayness, interrupted by a brief yearning that the son might bring Syria color.
This works alongside a horizontal colour line comprised of shades from all eight colour groups which all have the same brightness, colour value, intensity or grayness.
This is particularly true for urban youth, for whom the night sky is a featureless wash of grayness.
Custom software measures grayness levels that set a baseline for the quality of the night skies.
Ultimate reality, he says, cannot be perceived by a mind that divides things into opposing categories, into black and white, failing to acknowledge the grayness of things, the paradoxical nature of much of reality.