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Synonyms for grayish-white

of white tinged with grey

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The windows of the building are a syncopated series of slits arrayed across the pale, grayish-white facade.
Tiny, grayish-white egg sacs, or nits, may be found on the side of the hair shaft about one-quarter to one-half inch above the scalp.
A grayish-white mass was seen protruding through the eroded anterolateral wall of the maxillary sinus.
The liver surface showed multifocal to coalescent, regular, circular, umbilicated grayish-white spots.
In plane-polarized reflected light, it is grayish-white, with white internal reflections and no evidence of anisotropy, bireflectance or pleochroism.
The white sturgeon was identified by the combination of the following characteristics: body coloration was grayish-white with five rows of bony plates (scutes) on its body.
Colonies are usually 3 mm in diameter after 72 hours of incubation and are nonhemolytic, grayish-white, opaque, convex, round, shiny, and have a slightly irregular margin (3), similar to our observations (Figure 2).
He was bald, he had no ears or lips, and his eyes, lacking lids, were a grayish-white, with no pupils .
But when you get there, the fingertips on your bare hand are grayish-white and numb.
The tiny grayish-white egg sacs, or nits, are found on the side of the hair shaft about one-quarter to one-half inch above the scalp.
Lice eggs -- also called nits -- appear white, grayish-white, or yellowish.
Although a subtle variety of colors exist, adult American eels are often colored olive-brown with yellow-green sides and a grayish-white underside.
Jatoba is a high-density species with grayish-white sapwood, which is clearly demarcated from the reddish brown heartwood.