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of white tinged with grey

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Tiny, grayish-white egg sacs, or nits, may be found on the side of the hair shaft about one-quarter to one-half inch above the scalp.
5 cm, finished with grayish lichens or a grayish-white fungal mycelium on the outside.
A grayish-white mass was seen protruding through the eroded anterolateral wall of the maxillary sinus.
Misawa focused on Geranium, a grayish-white element with a metallic luster and electrical properties between those of a metal and an insulator, which is to say, it is a semiconductor.
The tumor usually presents as a small nodule or plaque with grayish-white to yellow color endoscopically.
The liver surface showed multifocal to coalescent, regular, circular, umbilicated grayish-white spots.
The white sturgeon was identified by the combination of the following characteristics: body coloration was grayish-white with five rows of bony plates (scutes) on its body.
Colonies are usually 3 mm in diameter after 72 hours of incubation and are nonhemolytic, grayish-white, opaque, convex, round, shiny, and have a slightly irregular margin (3), similar to our observations (Figure 2).
He was bald, he had no ears or lips, and his eyes, lacking lids, were a grayish-white, with no pupils .
But when you get there, the fingertips on your bare hand are grayish-white and numb.
The tiny grayish-white egg sacs, or nits, are found on the side of the hair shaft about one-quarter to one-half inch above the scalp.
Jatoba is a high-density species with grayish-white sapwood, which is clearly demarcated from the reddish brown heartwood.
The panoramic view from here includes the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park, the Orange Cliffs, the White Rim Trail, and Shafer Dome--a grayish-white limestone layer.
DDT is a grayish-white powder used for pest control.